Australian Harvestore offers a range of roofs either for replacement of roofs on existing tanks and silos

Glass fused to steel tapered beam roofs
An economical glass fused to steel self supporting roof. Not suitable for pressure or load bearing. With internal and external panel surfaces all glass-fused to steel. The external beams can be galvanised or epoxy coated. This roof is suitable for corrosive internal environments such as waste water, brine and sludge and provides a long life maintenance free solution.

Image: Tapered beam roof installation at Perth desalination plant (see photos below for more detail)

roofs-2 Glass-fused-to-steel external beam roofs
This provides the same advantages and size options as the tapered beam roof but external I-beams in place of the tapered moulded external braces make this roof suitable for use with limited pressures or where some load bearing is required. This style of roof is commonly used on anaerobic digesters or reservoirs with rapid movements of large volumes of water.

Image: External beam digester roof (see photos below for more detail)

roofs-3 Conservatek geodesic self-supporting aluminium dome roofs
This new addition to the Harvestore range provides large diameter aluminium roofs for both existing tank roof replacement and for use on new tanks. Conservatek roofs can, in some cases, be built beside an existing tank and then lifted on without the need to decommission the tank. Square or rectangular roofs Are also available and can, in some cases, be built and slid into position without the need to empty and decommission SBR’s or other critical treatment facilities. Tank diameters up to and exceeding 100 meters can usually be accommodated.

Image: 54m diameter Geodesic dome being installed at Cape Preston WA (see photos below for more detail)

roofs-4 Harvestore 20° roof
Principally used on silos or tank diameters of 6.0m or 7.5m, this glass fused to steel roof has no external beams and offers high corrosion resistance and is specifically designed to bolt onto our glass fused to steel tanks and silos. This roof has been used in Australia in on farm storage of corrosive fermented feeds since 1955 and many of those roofs are still in full service today. It is also available in 316 stainless steel.

Image: Harvestore 20° roof at Allied Mills Floor Mills, NSW (see photos below for more detail)



All roofs are installed Australia and New Zealand wide by our Harvestore experienced team of installers and warranted both by the manufacturer and by Australian Harvestore Products.