ABOUT US (see also 'Our People')

THE COMPANYHarvestore silo
point Company established in Sydney -1983
point Family owned business
point Technically based sales support & installation company
point Quality Accredited company AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008
point Operational in Australia , New Zealand , Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

PRODUCT RANGE (Australian Distributors)
Australian Harvestore Products Pty Ltd sources its glass-fused-to-steel sheeting, customised to client needs from a number of global manufacturers for the storage, processing and general containment of industrial materials
including, bulk solids (such as wood by-products and powders), industrial liquids (such as aggressive /chemical, industrial effluent), municipal sewage/sludge, storm/fire water and potable water.

It is also the exclusive supplier from CST industries (USA) of glass-fused-to-steel Silos and tanks for the storage and handling of agricultural feedstuffs and agricultural by products (including sawdust and animal slurries).

These tanks and silos have a world wide reputation with over 40 years of
engineering excellence in more than 80 countries.

Australian Harvestore Products Pty Ltd has been established since 1983. Our Glass-Fused-to –Steel tanks  are manufactured under strict quality guidelines with zero discontinuity allowed and a full ten year warranty. Glass-Fused-to-Steel potable water tanks are a cost effective alternative to lined and coated tanks. Modular Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks are designed for long life, are highly corrosion resistant, inert, quick to erect, and do not require liners or cathodic protection.

The tank panels, sealants, fittings and fixtures are manufactured for Australian Harvestore products to the highest standard in accordance with all the relevant international standards. Quality assurance is paramount and strict procedures are followed and monitored during the manufacturing process in the factory.

Australian Harvestore office support and administrative staff have a long history of efficient and timely processing of orders. Our Engineering Project Manager ensures the project administration, design and construction activities are performed in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Our team of tank assemblers have over 15 years’ experience installing modular glass-fused-to-steel tanks and silos from most of the major global manufacturers to the highest of standards and unmatched joint finish. The team normally consists of a Project Manager, Foreman and two Installers depending on the specific needs of the project. Australian Harvestore utilises their purpose-built jacks in the construction of the tank. The top – down method of construction that these jacks allow is preferred. Our team take great pride in their workmanship and adopt a particular focus on attention to detail at all times during the course of the work.